Artificial intelligence: how data protection works

The Dury Group strengthens its management: lawyer Martin Kerz is now also an authorised signatory of DURY Compliance & Consulting GmbH.

MKThe Saarbrücken-based DURY Group is strengthening its management team. DURY Compliance & Consulting GmbH, also based in Saarbrücken, and with an international branch in Luxembourg, has appointed lawyer Martin Kerz as authorised signatory and has granted him exclusive power of representation. The required entry in the commercial register will take place in the next few weeks.





Data privacy & GDPR Beyond business development strategies

Mario BuchingerIt should be common sense that data privacy is a very important element of business these days. Even though many responsible people have not yet overseen the necessity and possible consequences of not taking care about these issues. In the eyes of many, the GDPR is nothing but a bureaucratic monster created by the EU. Some “implement” the regulations within their process landscapes without understanding the surrounding world and internal consequences. If people consider the contents of GDPR as unnecessary and some kind of chicane, it shows that they have not yet understood how vulnerable individuals got in the digital age. Especially considering long term effects, is somehow peculiar for many people since in business life many decisions are driven on short term perspectives.

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Conference IAPP Data Protection Intensive: France (Paris, 12-13 February 2019)

ssl 2890762 1280On 12 and 13 February 2019, companies from all over the world gathered in Paris to attend the Data Protection Intensive: France 2019 conference of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). We at DURY Compliance & Consulting GmbH also took the opportunity to exchange ideas with other data protection actors and experts from the data protection industry.

During the presentations, which were held in English and French, the participants gained a comprehensive insight into various topics and questions relating to the General Data Protection Regulation and were able to familiarize themselves with the rights and duties of the data controller and the processor as well as with the role of the data protection officer. Some presentations also dealt with the modalities of data protection impact assessment and the right to privacy. Data Protection Officers also had the opportunity to report on their data protection practices in 15-minute keynote speeches. In addition, the IAPP presented its Privacy Core e-learning tool, which will facilitate the training of data protection staff in the future. The networking sessions between the presentations rounded off the event and gave participants the opportunity to deepen the topics covered in the presentations, discuss issues raised and discuss challenges and best practices.