Seminar: Effects of the e-Privacy Regulation (ePR) on business (Speaker: Martin Kerz, DURY Rechtsanwälte)

 castle 3415423 128012. March 2019, 10:00-14:00 o'clock, IHK Trier (Educational Center Room E7)

On 12 March, lawyer Martin Kerz of the law firm DURY Rechtsanwälte will give a seminar on the effects of the e-Privacy Regulation (ePR) on companies. The meeting is aligned by the EIC Trier in co-operation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Trier as well as the Chamber of Handicrafts Trier. In the course of the seminar attorney Martin Kerz will discuss, among other things, which requirements are placed on SMEs in the implementation of the ePR, what is already known about the planned regulations, from when these regulations are obligatory and best to prepare for it.

Speaker: Mr. Kerz worked for several years in an international IT company and previously worked in the field of university research. As a fully qualified lawyer, data protection officer  and IT security auditor, he advises companies in Germany and Luxembourg on all questions relating to data protection, IT security and compliance.

Target group: Managing directors and IT managers, responsible employees in IT departments of companies in SMEs.

Date: Tuesday, 12.03.2019, 10:00-14:00 o'clock, IHK Trier, Training Center Room E 7


Introduction to the new legal framework

- What is the ePR?

- ePR in an international context

- Relevance of the ePR for SMEs

Regulatory scope of the ePR  

- Protection of the end devices of Internet users

- Consent requirement

- Exceptions to the consent requirement

Preparatory measures in the company

- When is the ePR coming?

- How can SMEs prepare specifically?

From the GDPR to the ePR

- The ePR as an opportunity in the company

- data protection management

Discussion and closing session

Author: Janine Rieger

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