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Interview with Katryna Dow - CEO and founder of Meeco

Katryna Dow SquareIn preperation of the GDPR+1 Data Privacy Conference which takes place on the 22nd May 2019 in Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) we had the opprotunity to interview Katryna Dow , CEO and founder of Meeco.




GDPR+1: What has been the main challenge since the GDPR came into force in the past 12 months? What problem have you been alerted to - maybe even surprisingly?

Meeco developed technology ahead of the GDPR regulation to enable citizens and customers to actively participate in the consent and transparent access and use of their data. The design of the technology is use-case and outcome driven. Our aim is to help enterprise to evolve onboarding and marketing towards more mature, transparent and trusted data management. However, for most organisations the focus over the past twelve months has been ‘only’ compliance. There has been little focus on innovation or developing strategies for GDPR as the “new normal” state of collecting and processing personal data. Once compliance is in place, we expect there will be a shift towards enabling better customer outcomes whilst maintaining compliance.

GDPR+1: What solution did you find?

Meeco has invested €M in developing what we call the ‘API-of-Me’. The ability for end customers to share their identity and data with the people and organisations they trust. We are working across three key regulated sectors; financial services, telecommunications and government to develop transparent and trust-based use-cases, which enable people to participate in the value created through the collection and processing of their personal data.

GDPR+1: Is this solution also possible for the participants in your workgroup, or is there a difference between companies, industries, or countries?

The solution is also possible for all workgroup participants; either as a value add to their enterprise data management, or as an individual for the access, control, delegation and consent of their identity and personal data. Meeco has been working with European enterprises to develop an extensive range of use-cases which enable GDPR compliance whilst bringing the end-customer directly into the value chain, to offer more personalised and transparent services. The elegance of this approach is that is dynamically customisable across companies, industry sectors and countries depending on the specific privacy and data regulations.

GDPR+1: We thank you for the interview and are looking forward to meeting you at GDPR+1.

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